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                           About Talent
                           Native Intelligence
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                About Talent

                Talent Stationery is a leading manufacturer of office and educational stationery products. Talent was founded by a group of professionals who are experienced and passionate for serving this industry , and have had the privilege for serving hundreds of customers worldwide in the past years.

                Talent's state - of - the - art factories are built with advanced manufacturing equipment from countries like Japan and Korea , and can sustain massive production volume . Our experienced design teams can custom design your orders to best meet your needs in a timely fashion . We offer a rich set of products , including hundreds types of dry erase , magnetic , fabric , bulletin , camber,and combination boards in various colors and shapes,and complete sets of accessories,and we continuously bring out new products and new designs.

                Our Core Values:
                ⊕ Quality is in every aspect
                Talent believes that quality is achieved by selecting, using, and doing the best in all steps 
                and aspects of the manufacturing, sales, service and support cycles.
                · Raw materials are strictly selected, tested and monitored to meet our strict quality
                measurement procedures. Our materials providers include the best names in Japan
                and Korea .
                · All steps in design, manufacturing, inspection, packaging, and shipping are covered
                under our comprehensive quality control procedures.
                · Drawing on its fundamental understanding of the products, Talent is committed to
                product quality.
                ⊕ Integrity
                Talent believes that trust is earned. We require all of personnel and employees to comply 
                with our strict Ethics and Business Conduct guidelines. We ' re committed to dealings
                with our customers and suppliers with honesty, integrity and effectiveness.
                ⊕ Innovation
                Drawing on our passion for innovation , Talent is committed to bringing new technology 
                and innovative designs to exceed your expectations.

                Talent is proud to be in an industry that supports and nourishes talent creation, which is critical to knowledge-based economies . Our advanced process management and strict quality control procedures ensure the best quality products in the market for today and tomorrow.

                Our products are sold through regional, national and global resellers, distributors and retailers. We welcome direct and custom design orders.

                Copyright? 2010 Talent Stationery Brands. All Rights Reserved. Tel:+8610-6059 2988 Fax:+8610-6126 0726 ICP05080051̖/W110112000146̖